Public Science Courses–Summer, 2019

SUMMER 2019 (second summer session, June 24 July 26)

COM 527/798, Seminar in Organizational Conflict Management
Instructor: Jessica Jameson
Time: Online
Description: Examination of conflict antecedents, interventions, outcomes through multiple texts, journal articles. Emphasis on workplace conflict, organizational outcomes, dispute system design. Evaluation through participation in class discussion, independent papers, research project, presentation.

COM 530/798, Interpersonal Communication in Science and Technology Organizations
Instructor: Elizabeth Craig
Time: Online
Description: Blends theory and research to understand and analyze interpersonal communication practices and issues within organizations, including managing impressions and conversations, engaging in active listening, managing conflict, influencing others, and communicating in teams. Focus on developing and maintaining effective interpersonal at work and improving student’s communication competence.