Workshop: Doing Science in a Team? Learn about the Science of Team Science

Workshop: Doing Science in a Team? Learn about the Science of Team Science

Monday, April 8th, 12 PM – 1:30 PM

Talley Student Union, Room 3221

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Event Description: This interactive 90-minute workshop has two goals: (1) To invite participants to consider how their interactions with others during the preparation, conducting, or writing of research is cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, of transdisciplinary, and (2) to offer recommendations on how to better manage interactions with team members who represent a discipline other than you own.

The Science of Team Science (SCiTS) is a relatively new movement to help scholars manage their interactions across disciplines. This workshop will offer effective strategies for implementing and sustaining team science on your research projects. Whether you manage science teams, or are a member of one, this workshop can you help identify when and how to evaluate the antecedent conditions, collaborative processes, and outcomes associated with team science (and valued by grant makers).

Speaker Bio: This workshop is conducted by Joann Keyton, Professor of Communication at North Carolina State University. Her research and teaching are focused on organizational communication and team communication. Joann is affiliated faculty with NC State’s Laboratory for Analytic Sciences; she is a founding member of the SCiTS movement, and editor of Small Group Research, which publishes interdisciplinary research on teams.