Workshop: Project Evaluation, Quick & Dirty

Project evaluation–the words we dread to hear. This Public Science Workshop will show you how to make the task efficient and worthwhile. Bring a project, real or imagined, for brainstorming and sharing.

September 16, 12:05-1:30 PM
4270 Talley Student Union
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Bring a brownbag–we’ll provide dessert.

Presenter K.C. Busch joined NC State in August 2017 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire in Leadership in Public Science. K.C. is an assistant professor in the Department of STEM Education, where she specializes in informal science learning. (Watch for her highly-rated seminar every Spring semester!) Drawing on research from the fields of science communication and environmental psychology, K.C. has used mixed methods to investigate the language used to teach about climate change in educational settings. She is also working on community science literacy in Eastern North Carolina towns facing sea level rise.