Opportunities for undergraduates

Want to follow up and try out more public science activities? Check out these opportunities to…

…do more citizen science

These course sections include citizen science activities:

  • BIO 105: Biology in the Modern World (w/Dr. Terry “Bucky” Gates)
  • BIO 181: Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution & Biodiversity (w/Dr. Miles Engell)
  • ENG 101: Academic Writing & Research (w/Dr. Chelsea Krieg)
  • ENG 333: Communication for Science & Research (w/Dr. Caitlyn Stuckey)
  • ES 100:  Introduction to Environmental Studies (w/Drs. Megan Lupek, Zakiya Leggett, or Steph Jeffries)
  • FW221: Conservation of Natural Resources (w/Drs. Roland Kays, Lara Pacifici or Caren Cooper)
  • PRT 240: Geospatial Applications for Parks, Recreation & Tourism (w/Dr. Jelena Vukomanovic)

Or join the Citizen Science Club (Instagram; officers), and meet other students as excited as you are!

…sharpen your science communication

Looking for one course? Try COM 289: Science Communication & Public Engagement (w/Drs. Andrew Binder or Jean Goodwin)

Looking for even more? There’s one Minor in Science Communication and another in Extension Education.

Check out the Science Storytelling Society if you’re interested in developing your skills with other interested students. Or consider a paid summer internship with NC State Extension.

Not (yet) a degree-seeking student at NC State? Our Certificate in Professional Writing will give you lots of opportunities to build your skills.

…deepen your understanding of the relationship between science & society

Consider a minor (or major!) in Science & Technology Studies.

The Science Policy Pack is a student organization focused on preparing young scientists to work with policy-makers.

Attend a Global Change Seminar sponsored by the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center, to learn about interdisciplinary efforts to work with communities to address global change.

Check out our most recent list of public science courses for even more options.