Workshop: Andy Binder on a Practical Approach to Message Testing

AB on A/B
Mon, September 30, 2019
12:05 PM – 1:30 PM EDT
4270 Talley

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If you’re doing public-facing science, you likely want to engage your audiences more deeply. We all tend to fall back on intuition and experience when designing our messages. But why not throw a little science at the problem? In this workshop, Andrew Binder will provide practical advice on message testing (A/B testing) that you can adopt for improving your science communication. You’ll learn about the kinds of message features you might vary, the kinds of responses you might measure, and how to interpret the results.

Dr. Andrew Binder is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication whose quantitative research focuses on the communication of science and risk. He also serves as co-director of the Community Engagement Core at NC State’s Center for Human Health and the Environment.