Summer Workshops: Impacts Identity and COMPASS SciComm

Join the Public Science cluster in two opportunities to deepen your public-facing work in these online workshops.

Public Communication Workshop with COMPASS SciComm

Wednesday/Friday, June 24 & 26, 1-3 PM

Take your public communication skills to the next level with this online workshop from COMPASS SciComm, the nation’s premier training organization. This workshop will help you share what you do, what you know, and—most importantly—why it matters, in clear, lively terms.

Grounded in the latest research on communication, this training will explore what makes people sit up and pay attention and how to build a meaningful connection with your audience, from university leadership to journalists to policy makers, and even other scientists. Whether you’re presenting your latest research, getting cold called for interviews, pitching your work to funders, or just explaining what you do to a neighbor on an airplane, this workshop will help you communicate clearly, concisely, and compellingly.

In this 4 hour-long, interactive virtual workshop, spread across two days, you will receive tools and strategies to help you distill your knowledge and communicate with diverse audiences. You will learn to use the Message Box, COMPASS’ fundamental tool for breaking down complex topics into digestible messages. This workshop will involve hands-on practice, feedback, interactive exercises, and lots of breaks, so please join using a webcam and be prepared to actively participate.

This workshop is open to faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students at NC State University. To apply, fill out the short form HERE. Applications are due by Monday, June 1, 2020.

For more information about COMPASS and its approach to training, please visit their website. Questions? Contact Jean Goodwin (, Leadership in Public Science cluster.

Developing your Impacts Identity

Tuesday/Thursday/Thursday, June 23, 25, July 2, 1-2:30 PM

Every researcher worth their salt has a sense of their research identity–the long-term goals they want to achieve, the community they want to join, and a rough map of the way forward. The purpose of this workshop is to help you develop an equally clear understanding of your impact identity–your sense of who you are as a scholar-citizen, engaging with other members of the public in ways that benefit all. This workshop will give you a rare opportunity to step back and think big, together with your peers. We’ll help you find the sweet spot where society’s needs intersect with your personal motivation and capacities, your expertise, and your institutional context. By the end you’ll formulate career-long goals for the kinds of social impacts you hope to achieve, inventory the personal and institutional assets that will help you achieve them, and create a plan for taking the next step towards your goals, for seeking support, and for developing your capacities.

The workshop is open to faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students at NC State. You do not have to have your project worked out; you do need to care about the social impacts of your research career. There will be three, 90 minute online sessions, with “homework” assignments in between; attendance at all is required. You’ll have opportunities for mentor and peer feedback, and we’ll have a Happy Hour in the Fall semester to get caught up on everyone’s progress.

Contact(s): Jason Painter (, The Science House and Jean Goodwin (, Leadership in Public Science Cluster.

Application Deadline: Monday, 8 June

Apply here: