Evelyn McCauley

Marketing and Communications coordinator

Many of the Gregg’s exhibitions offer viewpoints on the intersections of art, science, technology, and engineering. The museum’s director, Roger Manley,states, “[The museum is] very committed to doing shows that cross academic boundaries more and more, bringing a contemporary and cross-disciplinary energy to the mission” he says. “In 2019, the Gregg will mount an exhibition about genetic engineering and society, for example.”

“The students are our first audience, so we need to make shows that will mean something to them. What will they find exciting, what will open their eyes? There are a lot of people who want to enjoy the handmade, the beautiful, the physical object. But NC State is a STEM university. Anything [the museum] can do to bridge that gap between sensory experience and the exploration of the world that science opens up, I want the Gregg to do.”