Panel: Covering Contentious & Technical Issues in a Soundbite World

Energy and Science in Journalism
“Covering Contentious & Technical Issues in a Soundbite World”
Thursday, April 4, 2019
3-5pm, Caldwell Lounge, Caldwell Hall
North Carolina State University

The Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy and Leadership in Public Science faculty clusters invite you to join us for a conversation with leading energy, environment, and science journalists from across the spectrum of new and traditional media. Fast-moving and technical issues such as energy and climate change are a challenge to cover at any time, but have become arguably more so in the present political environment. The media landscape likewise continues to evolve, putting pressure on both producers and consumers to adapt. We will discuss ways in which today’s rapid technological and political developments are presenting challenges to traditional modes and styles of reporting, and how members of the university community can best respond and take advantage of new opportunities.

Panelists include: